KOBELCO Welding Products and Services

GAS INNOVATIONS KOBELCO Welding of America is a leader in the flux-cored stainless and carbon steel markets. It has become the industry standard. KOBELCO and Gas Innovations have multiple full-time welding engineers on staff, working closely with each customer to find the right product to fit the right procedure.

Distributor Support Programs

  • Weld Metal Qualification Procedures
  • Weld Chemistry Test
  • Assist Distributor/Customer Weld Procedure Qualification
  • Hands‐On Distributor Training
  • Distributor Target Market Prospect Development
  • Filler Metal Cryogenic Testing Stainless Steel-­320 F
Gas Innovations KOBELCO Welder

KOBELCO’s New Products

New XR-­series wires have reduced the Hexavalent Cr. Ask the Gas Innovations team for more information and a demo of KOBELCO products.

Gas Innovations KOBELCO Products

KOBELCO Welding Products

Metal Cored Wires (FAMILIARC)
Carbon Steel Solid Wire (FAMILIARC)
Lean Duplex Stainless Flux-core (PREMIARC)
Duplex Stainless Steel (PREMIARC)
Stainless Steel Thin Gauge Flux-core
Flux Core TIG Electrode
Nickel Based Alloy

KOBELCO SDS and Technical Data Sheets