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Portable Cryogenic ISO Containers

LNG, Ethane, Ethylene, Nitrogen and Argon.
6,000 gallon capacity @ 70+ psig working pressure with liquid and vapor withdrawal

Portable Cryogenic ISO Containers have extended hold times for shipping cryogenic liquids overseas and can also be used for short term temporary supply or onsite storage.

Portable Cryogenic ISO Containers for short & long term lease or purchase options available. Other sizes available.

Portable Cryogenic ISO Container

Cryogenic ISO’s Container Specifications
Water Volume5,396 gal20,424 KG
MAWP143 psig9.73 BAR
Tar Weight17,000 lb7,711 KG
Max Gross Weight7,500 lb94,000 KG

Productlb / gallonMax gallonapprox. lb / ISO

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