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LP Gas ISO Containers

LP Gas ISO Containers are ideal for temporary on site storage and has extended hold times for liquified petroleum gases.

Low Pressure ISO’s
Water Volume6,579 gal24,900 L
MAWP362.59 psig25 BAR
Tar Weight16,490 lb7,480 KG
Max Gross Weight79,366 lb3,6000 KG

LP Gas ISO Container

Approximate net capacity of T50 ISO container

ProductD.O.T. fill density %lb / gallonTypical gallons / ISOapprox. lb / ISO
n-Butane (all grades)51%4.865 lb5,753 net gallons27,990 net lb
Butene-1 (all grades)54%5.004 lb5,922 net gallons29,635 net lb
Isobutane (all grades)49%4.686 lb5,739 net gallons26,891 net lb
Isobutylene (all grades)53%4.996 lb5,822 net gallons29,086 net lb
Propane (all grades)42%4.232 lb5,462 net gallons23,050 net lb
Propylene (all grades)44%4.343 lb5,560 net gallons24,147 net lb
n-Pentane (all grades)56%5.255 lb5,848 net gallons30,737 net lb
Isopentane (all grades)56%5.194 lb5,915 net gallons30,733 net lb

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