Differences between Gas Innovations High Purity Hydrocarbon guaranteed cylinders and standard low pressure cylinders.

High Pressure Packaging

Cryogenic Liquids Packaging

Aluminum Fiber Wrapped High Pressure Tubes Portable Transport

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Light Weight, Higher Capacity, Higher Pressure

a breakthrough in high-pressure gas transports, holding twice as much as comparable steel transports at 40% of the weight

Portable Trailer front

Portable Trailers

Transporting high-pressure gases with current applications in Argon, CNG, Methane, Helium, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, HCL, Hydrogen and breathing air services.

This 10 foot model provides the most versatile, highest-density, lightest-weight gas storage module available on the market today.

Portable Trailer back

Having both DOT and TC approvals, the portable trailers offer customers high filling densities at 40% of the weight of comparable steel transports. This means customers can transport high volumes of gas with vehicles as small as a ½ ton pick-up truck.

Aluminum Fiber Wrapped High Pressure Tubes are available for purchase or lease. Contact us.

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Short and long term lease or purchase options available.

High Pressure Tube Trailers

  • High pressure gas tube trailers
  • Portable aluminum fiber wrapped high pressure tubes
High Pressure Tube Trailers

International Shipping Containers

  • Cryogenic (bulk)
  • LPG (bulk)
  • High pressure tubes (liquid compressed gases)
Tube Trailer Ethane

ISO Containers

  • Cryogenic
  • LPG
ISO Container

LPG Rail Car 120,000 lbs. to 130,000 lbs.

LPG Rail Car

Low Pressure Vertical Bulk Tanks

  • 1190, 1990, and 3990 vertical gallon tanks
  • 1,000 horizontal gallon tanks
Low Pressure Vertical Tanks

Low Pressure Specialty Gas Cylinders 240 and 260 DOT Rated

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  • LP­‐20, LP‐27, LP-­63, LP‐100, LP-­105, LP‐420, and LP­‐435
Low Pressure Specialty Gas Cylinders

Low Pressure Specialty Gas Cylinders 240 and 260 DOT Rated

  • Refrigerant Gases and Packaging
  • DOT. 4BA240 cylinders
  • CGA 510 Valve with Liquid Withdrawal Tube
    • Butane, Propane, Isobutane & Mixed Refrigerants
  • Non Odorized

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20 lb cylinders 48 pack

High Pressure Carbon Steel and Aluminum Cylinders

  • Carbon steel size: 49/300 and 200/44
  • Aluminum: 300A, 150A, and 80A
High Pressure Carbon Steel Aluminum