Propane HD-5

UN1978 Propane

A flammable, colorless gas, odorized delivered on a Bobtail route for industrial end users.

PurityCylinder SizeService PressureValve
99.5%33 lb
43 lb
Quick Fill
Quick Fill

Product Data
Molecular Weight44.096
Specific Volume8.5 cf / lb @ 70F
Liquid Density4.235 lb / gal @ 60F
Flammability in Air2.2-9.5% in Air
U.S. D.O.T. Hazard Class2.1
U.S. D.O.T. LabelFlammable Gas / Propane
Refrigerant NumberR-290 (also available as UL Classified)
Fill Density42%

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Horizontal bulk tanks
LP Vertical Bulk Tank

Complete Package Program

  • Bulk horizontal tanks from 1,000 to 12, 000-gallon and vertical tanks 1,900 to 3,900
  • All Aluminum cylinders 28 & 33½ lb.
  • Site survey
  • Complete installation
  • Certified Texas Railroad Commission Installers
  • Safety training

On-Site Filling & Bulk Installation

  • Storage rackExtremely cost-effective with on site 12 - cylinder storage rack
  • Reduced cylinder handling
  • All Aluminum cylinders 28 & 33½ lb.

Aluminum Cylinder

Small LP Tanker
  • Safe, cost-effective fuel source
  • Responsive support