Low Pressure Horizontal Bulk Tanks

Low Pressure Horizontal Bulk Tank

LP Bulk Tanks

Tanks are designed with NPT fittings and fabricated in accordance with the latest edition and addendum of the ASME Code Section VIII Division 1 and NFPA 58.

Available sizes: 1,000, 12,000, 18,000, and 30,000 gallon tanks. (Larger sizes and skid packages also available)

Design Data
Design Pressure250 psi
Design Temperature125F
Corrosion Allowance0 in
Hydro-test Pressure325 psi

LP Bulk Tank Specifications
Water Capacity1,000 gal12,000 gal18,000 gal30,000 gal
Diameter41 in OD84 in OD108 in ID108 in ID
Overall Length16 ft45 ft41 ft66 ft
Approximate Weight1,800 lb18,000 lb26,900 lb49,450 lb
Ship Dimensions (W×H)4.1 ft × 5.0 ft7.60 ft × 7.0 ft9.65 ft × 9.07 ft9.65 ft × 9.07 ft