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Press Releases

Ethylene Pipeline Interruption Service

A large specialty chemical company in Houston Texas was going to have a major feed stock pipeline interruption of Ethylene for 10 days. Options were shut down, or find a method of supply to keep the plant operational. The requirement to maintain the plant supply would be to have 432,000 pounds available to maintain the…

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New MACH 1 Cutting & Heating Equipment Catalog

August 1, 2013 Houston Texas, Gas Innovations launched their new MACH 1 Cutting & Heating Catalog featuring their New MACH 1 Stainless insert & Ripper tip design for Propylene, new High Flow Flash Back arrestors with Viton seals, UL approved. Gas Innovations has developed their new MACH 1 Cutting Tips with Stainless inserts which have…

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New High Pressure Filling Facility & additional capacity

Houston, Tx (LaPorte, Tx)  Gas Innovations, announced the completion of it high pressure filling facility. With the new plant Gas Innovations increases capacity for tube trailer and cylinder filling of Carbon Monoxide, Ethane, Methane (CNG), and Ethylene. Additionally, cryogenic methane (LNG) and cryogenic ethylene capacities are increased. Hydrogen Chloride facilities were also upgraded with the new…

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LNG – Temporary, Portable Supply

LNG (liquified Natural Gas ) Gas Innovations introduced a new mode of Temporary, Portable Supply of LNG at the LNG-Fueled Drilling and Fracturing conference June 14th, Houston Tx. This new mode of supply is designed to meet the growing demand for CNG & LNG markets for Diesel Fuel Alternatives. Click HERE to see more details.

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New Propylene Flashback Arrestors

Gas Innovations has introduced NEW Propylene Flashback Arrestors specifically designed for Propylene with Viton Seals UL Approved. 85-20 & 85-30 for inline supply and R53N for regulators. more info

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New Propylene Cutting Tips

Gas Innovations has Introduced New Propylene Cutting Tips with Stainless Steel Inserts Increase productivity & tip life with our new Stainless Steel Tips. Available for Victor, Harris, Airco & Oxweld style tips

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