New MACH 1 Cutting & Heating Equipment Catalog

August 1, 2013 Houston Texas, Gas Innovations launched their new MACH 1 Cutting & Heating Catalog featuring their New MACH 1 Stainless insert & Ripper tip design for Propylene, new High Flow Flash Back arrestors with Viton seals, UL approved.

Gas Innovations has developed their new MACH 1 Cutting Tips with Stainless inserts which have proven to exceed customers expectations. You can actually cut 6” off the plate without loosing the cut. The new Mach 1 RIPPER Tips for scrap cutting and bevel cutting have to be seen to believe the results. “It literally rips thru the steel, even when stack cutting. The new RIPPER Tips also perform some of the best bevel cutting of cold steel with finished cuts that require no grinding or finishing “Ready to Weld”.