About Gas Innovations

About Gas Innovations

Gas Innovations has become a leader and innovator in the industrial gas industry by providing producers/distributors with high purity hydrocarbons and refrigerant hydrocarbons, equipment, and technical expertise to grow their business.

Gas Products

Specializing in polymer-grade Propylene, Propane, High Purity Hydrocarbons and Refrigerant Hydrocarbons.


The smallest portable, disposable cylinders to the largest bulk containers; traditional cylinders; tube trailers; cryogenic ISO containers; and international shipping containers.


At Gas Innovations, we truly believe that our success depends on yours. We provide State-­of-­the-Art UE 5 cylinder testing for cylinder recertification, sell and service packs and diving gas racks, supply tube trailers, ISO containers and LPG tanks. We are the largest Gulf Coast supplier of WORTHINGTON cylinders. We are a supplier of KOBELCO flux-core and hard welding wire, propylene MACH 1 cutting and heating apparatus, and we offer hydrocarbon sales training and safety training programs.