Portable Natural Gas Transport to the Rescue

Aluminum Fiber Wrapped High Pressure Tubes

(Portable Natural Gas Transport)

“Natural Gas Supply to a Newly Built Neighborhood:”

New neighborhoods being constructed with single family homes. Neighborhood hook up to the utilities natural gas supply line had not yet been completed and it was going to be weeks, if not months away.Families were moving into their new homes and needed the gas for cooking, hot water, and heating.

Gas Innovations supplied the odorized natural gas in Aluminum Fiber Wrapped Tubes (each trailer holds 46,000 cubic feet). This trailer provided an unloading delivery system to enable hook up to the neighborhood’s main natural gas supply header.

Gas Innovation’s Customer and their customers (families) are very happy!

Aluminum Fiber Wrapped High Pressure Tubes are available for purchase or lease, Contact Gas Innovations for your all your Temporary Needs