Gas Innovations to produce electronic grades of hydrogen chloride

The formation of eHCl Innovations, Inc.™ takes industrial grade aHCl to the highest purification levels.

Houston, Texas: Texas-based hydrocarbon and specialty gas supplier Gas Innovations announces the formation of eHCl Innovations Inc.™ which will produce (electronic grades of Hydrogen Chloride) for the global marketplace. View the Video (

eHCL | INNOVATIONS (Technology / Purification) has developed proprietary purification technology that takes industrial grade aHCL (anhydrous grade HCl) and purifies that HCl to the highest purification levels (99.999%+) required in any industry. The purification of HCl will occur at our recently expanded facility in La Porte, Texas, USA. Commissioning of the new technology is cited for CY2017 – Q4 for industry qualification immediately thereafter. High Volume Manufacturing begins with the first train in CY2018 Q1.

eHCL | INNOVATIONS (Production) announced capacity will be 1300+ MT per annum with the first train. Multiple trains have been incorporated into our facility design. Gas Innovations will have the ability to fill all sizes of MEGCs, Tube Trailers, Ys, Drums, and Cylinders.

eHCL | Innovations (Analytical) has simultaneously invested in a dedicated 1400 sq. ft. building to house state-of-the-art-analytical instrumentation that will measure all contaminants to ppb (billion) level for (N2, O2, Ar, moisture, CO, CO2, & multiple hydrocarbons) and ppt (trillion) level for twenty (20+) individual metals.

eHCL Innovations will utilize GC (w/ PHID, ECD, FID, TCD, and FPD) & ICP MS analytical technology for our VLSI and Gigaclass™ grades.

eHCL | Innovations (Breadth of Supply) will fill all grades for those industries that can utilize Industrial and / or Research Grade HCl.

eHCL | Innovations (Responsiveness / Customer Focus) is addressing multiple industry requests for next generation purity & analytical metrology. Hydrogen Chloride is a critical component in applications that can benefit from a known “fingerprint” and consistency of supply. Electronics industry requires better product consistency and the highest purity for improved yields for their Epitaxial Reactors and Dry Etch processes. Minimizing contaminants is critical. Likewise, Pharmaceuticals, Flavor & Fragrances, and select sensitive Inorganic Intermediate Chemistries will also benefit.

About Gas Innovations

Gas Innovations continues to be a global industry leader and innovator of high purity Hydrocarbons and Refrigerant Hydrocarbons, electrolytic CO, and LNG / CNG. With our in-house expertise and latest technology upgrade we are extending our reach of HCI to be included in the family of world class innovative technologies with the highest purity HCl available. Gas Innovations is strategically located in La Porte, TX.

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