From Houston to Turkmenistan: Gas Innovations delivers 100 ISO containers

By Joanna Sampson | 9 July 2018 / GasWorld

Hydrocarbon and specialty gas supplier Gas Innovations has delivered equipment into Turkmenistan for the first time.

The Texas-based company delivered 100 ISO containers of isobutane HP to almost 1200 Mts to support an engineering and construction project. Scheduled for start-up in 2018, the complex will crack ethane and produce high density polyethylene.

Delivery of the product involved transportation by ocean, over three seas, by rail over land and finally by barge to the remote use point; all while maintaining the project’s calendar. Total transit time could approach 60 days.

Gas Innovations delivers 100 ISO containers-Photo 1

“Planning for the project began more than two months prior to the first shipment,” explained Don Bobyk, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales. “Pages of documentation were necessary to validate product quality and final packaging considerations. Coordination of product vessels, both incoming and outgoing, utilising Gas Innovations equipment in addition to four other leasing companies, brought the total number of T-50 ISO containers to 90+ with each having specific delivery parameters.”

“Gas Innovations provided full turnkey logistics support as well as complete project management to assure units arrived on time in Houston to enable timely shipment each month for seven consecutive months. Quality assurance for all shipments was provided by Gas Innovations both when received and again when shipped.”

The required volume was spread over a nine-month period from start-up to final plant commissioning. Timing of each shipment was paramount to the success of the project.

Gas Innovations delivers 100 ISO containers-Photo 2

“Gas Innovations provided the required amount of product, meeting purity specifications with focus on containers, packaging/analytical/quality control experience and expertise, total turnkey logistics and providing experienced operational and project management personnel,” Bobyk said.

Terry Reese, Project Supply Chain Manager, added, “This was probably one of the most difficult supply chain requirements I have ever been involved with, maybe one of the most difficult places to reach in the world.”

The Gas Innovations team included Jim Hoffmann, Vice-President of Development and many of the operations team at Gas Innovations. Hoffmann worked to accomplish international finance for the project as well as sourcing of product and equipment.

Hurdles to supply

“The ISO T-50 style containers are in high demand for certain working pressures. Acquiring and moving these containers can be a logistical nightmare if not handled correctly and efficiently. This was done like a military operation, accounting for availability of resources, availability of steamship space and meeting end customers delivery dates,” Bobyk explained.

Gas Innovations delivers 100 ISO containers-Photo 3