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Gas Innovations has become a leader and innovator in the industrial gas industry by providing producers/distributors with high purity hydrocarbons & refrigerant hydrocarbons, equipment, and technical expertise to grow their business.

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Specializing in Polymer-grade Propylene, Propane, High Purity Hydrocarbons and Refrigerant Hydrocarbons. Carbon Monoxide and hydrogen Chloride. Click here to view:               Gas Innovations World Wide Resume for supplying Hydrocarbons.

eCOs Produce your own CO on site….

Gas Innovations introduces “electrolytic Carbon Monoxide solution” eCOs, a new fuel cell technology that will allow the safe and efficient production of carbon monoxide directly at the site of facilities where gas is needed. Developed by Denmark – based Haldor Topsoe, the Cogeneration device will use feedstock carbon dioxide and electric power to produce CO in quantities ideal for most operations.  Click here to read more Tech Brief and Benefits.

Gas Innovations Gets Innovative with Carbon Monoxide: Click here to read how it works.


Gas Innovations announced the formation of eHCL Innovations Inc.  which will produce (electronic grade of Hydrogen Chloride) for the global marketplace. eHCL Innovations has developed proprietary purification technology to produce levels of  (99.999%+) required in any industry. The purification of HCI will occur at our recently expanded facility in La Porte, Texas, USA.  Please click below to visit the new website and video.

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The smallest portable, disposable cylinders to the largest bulk containers; traditional cylinders; tube trailers; cryogenic ISO containers; and international shipping containers. See our complete catalog featuring both high-and low-pressure high purity gases with cylinder requirements, valve and packaging availability.

Gas Innovations introduces it’s newest Refrigerant Gases, Cylinder and Pro Pack Packaging System.

Click here to view refrigerant Cylinder Comparison.

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High Pressure
Ethane 99.0% to 99.5%
Ethylene 99.0% to 99.95%
Methane 99.0% to 99.999%
Carbon Monoxide 99.0% to 99.997%
CNG 94.0% +
LNG 94.0% +
HCL Anhydrous 99.0% to 99.999%
Ethane Refrigerated
Methods of Delivery:
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Low Pressure
Propane 99.0% to 99.999%
Propylene 99.0% to 99.99%
Pentene-1 99.7%
Iso-Pentane 99.0% to 99.5%
n-Pentane 99.0% to 99.5%
n-Butane 99.0% to 99.99%
Butene-1 99.0% to 99.99%
Isobutane 99.0% to 99.999%
Isobutylene 99.0% to 99.9%
R-290 (UL Classified) 99.5% +
R-600a (UL Classified) 99.5% +
R-600 99.5%
cis-2-Butene 99.0% to 99.5%
trans-2-Butene 99.0% to 99.5%
Mix-2-Butenes 99.0% to 99.5%
Other gases on request  
Methods of Delivery:
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